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How much does the s'more bar cost to hire?

Full details of our packages can be found here.

Do you require a deposit?

A deposit of £50.00 secures a date, with the balance due 1 month before your event.

What areas do you cover?

Devon and Cornwall during the main season, but will consider bookings outside this area out of the main season.
We are based in Camborne, and our packages include travel in a 20 mile radius. A travel charge will apply for areas outside of this.

How long will the s'mores bar run for?

The s’mores bar runs for 2.5hrs

How much space will the s’mores bar take up?

Ideally an area of around 8ft x 4ft. A 6ft trestle table will be required to be supplied within this space for us to set up the S’mores Bar on. An additional table will be required if the doughnut wall is booked as well.

What time will the s’mores bar start?

For an evening reception, we find either 7.00pm–9.30pm or 7.30pm-10.00pm works best. This gives everyone plenty of time to enjoy the s’mores, and with most evening buffets coming out between 8.30pm – 9.30pm, they are still available as a sweet option after this as well then. 

10.30pm is the latest finish time we offer.     By this time, what’s happening on the dancefloor is far more important – and quite rightly so!

Is the s'mores bar indoors or outdoors?

Our s’mores bars are suitable for both indoor and outdoors, and your preference can be discussed during the enquiry.

If you book an outdoor s’mores bar, we will discuss the ‘wet weather’ provision as well.     It’s important to have this in place, just in case, as the Cornish weather does like to catch us out, even in the Summer months!     We don’t mind the cold, but obviously high winds and torrential rain isn’t favourable for your guests or ourselves, and would be a wasted cost to yourselves.

Can we toast the marshmallows ourselves?

Absolutely – that’s the fun bit! Time to see who was in the Guides or Scouts with those toasting skills!   

We recommend children under 7 are supervised for this part, as the burners are really hot.

What sort of flavours come with the s’mores bar?

We all have a favourite flavoured chocolate, so we hope we’ve included as many ‘favourites’ within the s’mores menu. For our younger visitors, the cookies n’cream is always a firm favourite for them! Not too keen on chocolate? Our tangy ‘lemon meringue’ s’more is a must for you! It’s the flavour that once you’ve had, you keep on coming back for!

Do you have vegetarian and vegan s’mores?

We always provide your guests with vegetarian and a vegan option on all bookings, but if you are looking for a fully stocked vegetarian or vegan bar only, we can tailor a menu to fit these requirements.

Do you have gluten free options?

We always have a selection of gluten free biscuits available – with the marshmallows being gluten free also.

Do I need to decide between the different bar styles?

Subject to availability, we have a rustic style set up or a white set up, which we then colour co-ordinate the table runner to match your colour scheme. Different venues suit the different styles, and we are happy to recommend which bar works best where, based on our past experience.

Can I book just the DJ or Doughnut Wall?

The DJ is available when booked as part of a package with one of our S’mores Bars.

We are happy to offer the Doughnut Wall only option on local bookings. We will attend the Doughnut Wall for the 2 hours and keep it stocked for you, providing napkins and then leaving you with any doughnuts left at the end of the night, bagged, and ready to be enjoyed long after we have left! However, if you’re venue is a little out of our local area, do always ask us about this option, as we may just have another booking nearby on your date, which we can factor in, which may enable us to do it for you.

Can I add a DJ or Doughnut Wall to my existing booking?

Of course! If you have one of our S’mores Bars booked, and subject to availability, we would be delighted to add this in for you.