About Us

Since 2018, our luxury s’mores bars have been bringing a fun, unique experience to weddings and events across Cornwall.

S’mores and More started for me back in 2018, having bought the newly formed business from a lovely American lady who had to return to the States for family reasons.

With my day job being predominately office based, I often only got to see things from the other side, so making the business into how it is today, enabled me to be part of an event, and offer something that was not only unique and fun, but bring with it something for people to remember with fondness and happy memories for many years to come.


S’mores &… Me

I personally, have been in the wedding industry for over 20 years as an entertainment agent and event organiser.   I’m very familiar with our local venues and always happy to be able to give you good advice on timings and best place for me to set up to enable you and your guests to get the most from booking us.   

– Karen

Ready to get toasty?


Nice to meet you! 

Throughout the year, we are delighted to be part of a number of wedding fayres and events across Cornwall.

Come along and see our s’mores bar in action, try the toasted treats, and meet the team.